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how's the market? - december 2011
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a commonly overheard conversation opener nowadays , on the ferry, in the latte line, in the stands at the kids' sports events, seems to be, ... how's the market? not so long ago people were likely referring to the technology stock market.  today it may be the stock market or the commodities market, but more likely it's the residential real estate market.

currently on bainbridge island the answer, in a word, is "improving". however, as is the case with most things financial, the numbers tell the story, ... but not the whole story. the bainbridge island real estate market statistics presented in the "how's the market?" links tell the story.  if you'd like to get the whole story, ... , my perspectives, perceptions, insights, and interpretation of the numbers, additional historical market statistics, or regular monthly email market statistics updates, please feel free to contact me. if not, the "how's the market?" links on this site are updated monthly for your convenience. knowledge is power, especially in a changing market, ... come get some! 

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