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Keith Hauschulz
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my team

that's right, it's just me. i'm a one link chain. after all, we're not launching a space probe here. seriously, it's not that i don't think of a real estate transaction as a team effort, rather i choose to define the team as the real estate agent and the client. as a result, i choose not to have a real estate partner or significant other, a licensed assistant, a transaction coordinator, a buyer specialist, a listing specialist, etc. i am the sole practitioner specialist.

over eighteen years of experience in bainbridge Island residential real estate has convinced me that the most critical elements of the agent-client relationship are regular, honest, accurate, and timely communication and that each of these elements is jeopardized and diminished by adding links to the communication chain. so, when you choose to hire me and entrust me with the authority to provide real estate services to you i will assume and accept sole and full responsibility and will be your sole single point of contact and communication throughout the entire buying or selling process.

doesn't acting as a sole practitioner limit the amount of business that i can do and the amount of money that i can make? yes, it does and yes, i do, by choice. i'm really more about quality than quantity. someone has to be the best! someone else may make more money.

i like to use the analogy of the residential building contractor who subcontracts all phases of construction to various trade subcontractors and shows up on the job site only occasionally to monitor progress versus the contractor who may well have his or her own crew of regular employees and may subcontract a few specialty skills such as plumbing, electrical, drywall, or masonary but otherwise is personally, regularly, and directly involved in all phases of construction, particularly the critical finishing phases, on a more craftsman-like hands-on basis.  i'll take the latter anytime. i'm more "hands-on".

do i provide all the services required for a residential real estate transaction? no, i'm good, but not that good. i work closely and regularly with a cadre of professionals who provide ancillary real estate services such as escrow agents, lenders and mortgage brokers, title officers, home inspectors, and a variety of trade contractors. but again, the point is that i will be your single point contact for coordinating all such services required for a smooth, efficient, and satisfying real estate experience.  contact me
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